Chisasibi, dams and thousand-year-old culture

FIT: starting from $1,259 per person + taxes / minimum of 2 people


The Cree of Eeyou Istchee invite to take the road all the way to James Bay to explore its coastline and the region’s mighty rivers. Discover the events that triggered great upheavals in a dynamic and ancestral culture. Visit the community of Chisasibi, Fort George Island, the Chisasibi Heritage and Cultural Centre, the LG1 dam and the world’s largest underground hydroelectric-power station.1 Explore Long Point with a Cree guide as well as the taiga. Dip your hand or foot into the waters of James Bay. Admire the Northern Lights!2

1 Hydroelectric-power stations: You must have appropriate photo ID to tour Hydro-Québec’s facilities. Electrical and magnetic forces at these sites may adversely affect pacemakers. For safety reasons, visitors with pacemakers may not tour the power-generating station.
2 We cannot guarantee the presence of the Northern Lights. While the Northern Lights are likely to occur, their visibility depends on solar flares and cloud cover.


4 days, 3 nights

- Short hikes, cultural interpretation and culinary tasting events organized by Long Point Adventures;
- Guided tour of Chisasibi;
- Tour of the Chisasibi Heritage and Cultural Centre;
- Picnic by the bay;
- Guided tour of Fort George Island;
- Tour of the Robert-Bourassa generating station and the LG1 dam,
- Watching the Northern Lights.

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